Adopting a TinyKitten

Thank mew so much for wanting to adopt rescue cats and kittens! Check our Facebook page often for updates. We strongly prioritize applications for pairs of cats/kittens, so please consider whether you would be willing to keep one of our bonded pairs together!

Unless they were born to a feral mama in our care, almost all of our rescues were born feral (in the wild, without human interaction). Some have special medical or socialization needs. Get to know them on our livestreams or send us an email if you'd like more information about a specific cat.

Please read this whole page before applying to make sure you know what you're getting into when you adopt a TinyKitten. :)


See what life is like with a formerly feral cat or kitten


  • Consider whether you are able to take two cats or kittens. Priority is given to applicants wishing to adopt more than one, since our cats and kittens are typically quite bonded to each other.
  • It is always helpful to include an introduction for yourself and why you're applying for a tinykitten. It helps us get a better sense of which kitten(s) might be the best match, or if your preferred cats/kittens would be the right fit. If you're applying for a cat or kitten with special needs or a feral cat, please let us know if you know what that entails and are prepared to provide care as needed.
  • It is our hope that adopters will become ambassadors and champions for animal rescue, and will use their kittens' celebrity to raise awareness about spaying/neutering, and to highlight how every life has value and is worthy of unconditional love. Creating a Facebook, Instagram or other social media account is the perfect way to do that, and is strongly encouraged. Here are some great examples - people post as often or as occasionally as they wish, although frequent posts during the first few weeks after adoption are appreciated. We will be happy to help you through the process of getting your pages set up.
  • Make sure you indicate whether you are interested in specific kittens/mama, or if you are flexible.
  • Because of their time on the kittencam, our tinykittens are loved by thousands of fans around the world. Please consider whether you are prepared for everything that entails. Having a celebrity kitten in the family can be a delightful experience, but it isn't for everyone. Send us an email if you have any questions or concerns. :)

How are applicants matched with kittens?

We will review applications around the time of spay/neuters for kittens, and on a rolling basis for adults. Applicants who might be a good fit will be contacted for an interview, and references will be checked. We will then match the applicant we feel is the best possible fit for the individual cats/kittens being applied for.

Because we are often dealing with urgent rescue situations that require our attention, we aren't usually able to notify applicants that weren't matched with a cat/kitten.

We try to review and respond to applications once a week, and appreciate your patience and understanding.

Very Common Questions:

We are located in Fort Langley, BC (just south of Vancouver). Out-of-province adoptions are considered, if it would result in an exceptional home for the cat or kitten. The one non-negotiable is that we must meet you in person. In most cases, this means you will come here in person to pick up your kitten(s). Suitable travel arrangements for the return trip are required. We do not allow kittens to be shipped in cargo holds under any circumstances, but you are welcome to drive or fly with them in the cabin with you.

We don't adopt overseas as the amount of travel and logistics required would be excessive, and we require cats/kittens to be returned to us if an adopter is no longer able to care for them.

Adoption fees are $250 per cat or kitten, which includes (at a minimum) their first vaccines, deworming, flea treatment, ear tattoo, microchip, spay/neuter and more.

The best way to introduce a new cat or kitten to your fur family.