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I've been so touched and inspired by messages from so many of you who have been impacted by the things you've seen, heard and experienced through TinyKittens. Help us find out just how far our collective impact radiates beyond the cats and kittens we help here at TinyKittens HQ. Fill out the form below to have your actions counted, and see how our community is changing the world for cats everywhere.

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Became an advocate (or a bigger advocate) for spaying and neutering

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Donated money or supplies to help cats in need

Started to value cats a little (or a lot!) more

Did something to help a feral cat

Found comfort, peace, hope, joy or healing for yourself, or for a human you know

If you or a loved one has benefited from the therapeutic effects of TinyKittens and/or our awesome community, tell us your Kitten Therapy story:

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