How to help

For those of you who have asked, there are lots of ways to help our darling tinykittens:

Purchase your favorite photograph

Each purchase will support our rescue efforts AND be a meaningful piece of art for your home or computer! All photos are by Shelly Roche, and each one tells a story.

Donate to our no-kill shelter to help cover expenses.

Any amount is greatly appreciated, but the following are some specific needs:

  • $40 provides a vet exam for one kitten
  • $50 provides one neuter
  • $75 provides one spay
  • $250 sponsors one healthy kitten from birth to adoption
  • $300 sponsors one healthy mama kitty from rescue to adoption

Please mention tinykittens in the "message/instructions" box so we can thank you. :)

Donations are made directly to the Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS), which is a registered non-profit & will provide a tax receipt.

Buy food, litter and other supplies from our local pet supply store, Waldo and Tubbs

You won't pay for shipping, and you'll be supporting a local small business who also supports animal rescue! Plus, Alanna will deliver it within hours instead of waiting days or weeks for packages to clear customs.

Call proprietress Alanna at (604) 888-2235 to order Royal Canin Babycat canned food & kibble, World's Best Cat Litter, toys or other supplies.

Amazon Wishlist

We go through a lot of food, bedding, baby kitten formula, de-wormer, scratching posts and more... our wish list includes what we need most, right now.

Share us with your friends

The more people who know about us, the better our chances of having fast, stress-free adoptions to loving forever homes... which is the whole reason we're here, after all!

Help us get press

More press = more chances for adoption, and more awareness of the critical role animal rescue organizations play in our communities. Our shelter always needs volunteers, responsible foster homes, old towels and blankets, and many other things that come in as a result of word-of-mouth and other publicity. Anything you can do to help spread the word is incredibly helpful! Specifically:

  • Tweet, send an email or share a Facebook post with our link to bloggers, news anchors and reporters
  • Even if you don't know anyone in the press personally, you can still use Twitter, Facebook and email to try to get people's attention :)

Join the chat!

Watching kittens frolic is always more fun with friends!

And thank you SO much for being such a big part of our tinykittens' lives. Your support and encouragement means more than you know!